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I’m Hurting

April 22, 2011
by Coach Cora

Have you ever listened to the trees? Or the rocks? Or the ocean?  Have you listened to hear the words they are trying to speak to us?

Up until recently, I had not listened.

Then, on Mount Lemmon in Tuscon, Arizona two week ago, I heard them speaking.  I heard the trees and the rocks pulsating with energy. I felt the vibrations.

Then I heard the words, “I’m hurting.”

That’s it.  Just those words.  Nothing more.

They cut to my core, my heart felt like it was breaking open.

My Mother, my Heart, my Soul is hurting.

The truth is clear: We are killing the Earth.  I am killing the Earth.

The question is, “What can I do to save her?  What can we all do?”

In the past, I’ve let myself become paralyzed by the thought that I am just one person. How can I make a big difference. However, when I look more deeply into my Soul, do some Google research and remember everything I learned in elementary school, there are SO many steps I can take to help save the Earth.

Here are some ideas, a place for me to start:

  1. Turn the sink off while brushing my teeth or off the shower while I’m shampooing or conditioning my hair.
  2. If it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it down! (hee hee hee)
  3. Walk and take public transportation when at all possible.  (Easy for me in Manhattan, gosh I love the subway!)
  4. Recycle and buy products made with recycled materials
  5. Buy in bulk to avoid over packaging!!  (LOVE THIS! Costco, HERE I COME!)
  6. Change light bulbs to the Energy Saving kind! (Ben has started buying these and the prices are really reasonable!)
  7. Turn off the lights in the rooms where you don’t need them! (just running to do that now…one second…WOWZA! Ben and I had THREE lights on that we didn’t need!)
  8. Keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure (Better Gas Mileage!)
  9. Carpool!!
  10.  Air Dry Laundry when possible (Easy and makes me feel like I’m a badass who is roughin it!)

For more ideas (like 100!!)…EARTH DAY IS EVERY DAY IDEAS

“I’m hurting.”  The words spoken straight from the Earth.  I can either continue to feel the pain from what was spoken or I can take action.  I CHOOSE ACTION!  Who is with  me???

Now…I’m gonna go to Central Park and hug me some Trees!:)

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  1. April 22, 2011 11:18 am

    this was beautiful Cora! thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

    Have you ever read the book “Soul on Fire” by Peter Calhoun? He’s an Episcopal priest turned shaman and he regularly communes with nature and “talks” with animals and plants. A few corporations have secretly hired him when they are in the middle of construction and things are going wrong, and he’ll come out and “communicate” with nature and listen to what nature is saying about how they don’t like where certain things are being placed. Very often the companies will change the construction plans around to meet what Peter Calhoun said “nature” told him to do and then the construction problems stop!

    His theory is that nature is part of us and loves us and wants to work WITH us not against us and that we always reject it and don’t listen to it.

    Beautiful book highly recommend. And thank you for the post!! I can hear the earth too! it sounds beautiful, but you’re right, it’s hurting :-(

  2. Derek Dude Hadley permalink
    April 22, 2011 1:17 pm

    Cora, awesome post! I agree with you whole heartedly. I often say to people when we “save the planet” we are actually saving OURSELVES as well. This is our home, if we can’t grow food we can’t live and if we can’t breath the air we definitely can’t live. At my current job I did an experiment. For one year I kept all the boxes that came in and stacked them up in the basement. After a year the stack was about 5 feet high! This is a very small business too. It just shocked me thinking if we produce this much imagine what large corporations must produce around the entire world. How can there possibly be room for all of this? Luckily, here at the store we recycle all of our cardboard boxes… *whew*

    WoW that sounds like a great book! I just added it to my Amazon cart, thank you Lisa!

  3. Christine Wagner permalink
    April 22, 2011 1:25 pm

    Thank you, Cora! I thought you and your readers might be interested in something that was recently written by Loretta Ross of She had a profound vision recently on the Kansas prairies much like what you relate occured to you on Mt. Lemmon. A wounded bird spoke to her and I quote, “Then she lifted one wing. She drew her head out from under it and turned her eyes on me. A bolt of love and compassion seared through me with the crackle and snap of flames rising from dry wood.
    Tell them.
    To stop.
    Hurting me.
    She waited for me. The wind ruffled her feathers. The puffy clouds moved across the sky. Somewhere a meadowlard called. Okay. How?
    Be brave.
    Be brave, she told me.
    Be brave.”

    Loretta is a contemplative who has been in deep communion with the Holy for many years. I am aware that over the years she has received two previous “messages” from the Source. The first one was “Tell the people I love them.” Years later she received, “Tell the people I miss them.” And now this.

    For your wondering . . .

  4. Gretchen Eick permalink
    April 22, 2011 4:07 pm

    SOOO glad you mentioned turning out the lights (any primal memory of my haunting your footsteps doing this?!) and not using bottled water and protesting the use of genetically modified seeds that are hybrids so must be purchased rather than the seeds collected and that promote a very few forms of any crop like potatoes, making them vulnerable to epidemics of disease. Then there is collecting rainwater in barrels to use for household and garden use–so many steps we can take to save Mother Earth for future generations of plants and animals.

  5. Hovig permalink
    April 27, 2011 11:33 pm

    Hey Coco!!

    I’m doing an ecology project with my classes where we will examine the landscaping through out campus to see what type of plant species have been planted and whether they are native or exotic to the region. We are examining what sort of water usage they lead to and how we can better landscape the campus to best use the natural resources…and even save money for the District.

    And best of all, instead of studying to a stupid multiple choice test, we prepare the kids to think like real scientists and critically analyze and make decisions based on the evidence they have in hand. I’m so excited – now that state tests are over, I feel like I can teach and INSPIRE again!

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