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Coach Cora

Coach Cora’s Story

For many, many years I did not love myself.  It was difficult to look in the mirror. I did not learn how to love myself from church, family, or a traditional school.  In fact, I learned the true meaning of self-love through a raging addiction. I was not addicted to drugs, or alcohol, or men.  I was addicted to dieting. I spent six years of my life in the throes of a nasty addiction to trend diets and compulsive exercise.

Whatever the trendiest diet craze, I become their most valuable customer.  I jumped from Atkins, eating all protein and meat, to the Vegan diet, eating NO protein and meat.  I tried the South Beach, the Zone, Vegetarianism, Raw Foods and the Macrobiotics Diet. My “good food” and “bad food” list changed monthly, even weekly. My weight constantly yo-yoed.  I was never happy with my body. I completely lost touch with how much to eat, when to eat and how much to exercise.

This war within my body was a vicious cycle of dieting and obsession; of denying my inner spirit.  I was spending endless amounts of time and energy in the direction of a diet/body/weight obsession and not on loving who I was.  There was no energy or time for cultivating my creativity, my spirituality, my zest for life, my Love for myself, not only my inner self, but my body also.  I was at war with Me.

Just when it felt like there was no hope, I began to read and learn about Intuitive Eating, Exercising and Living.  This was a revolutionary concept for me.  With the help of authors like Dr. Dorie McCubbrey and Geneen Roth, as well as  tapping into my own Inner Guidance, I began to follow these “Anti-Diet” Guidelines:

  • My body knows exactly what it wants to eat, how much, and when.
  • I can trust my body’s wisdom, hunger, and full point.
  • My body knows what type of activity it wants to do and for how long.
  • Following someone else’s “Plan” only leads me away from the wisdom of my authentic self.

The most important aspect of this new found strategy for me was to LOVE MYSELF FIRST.  To love my body NOW… not after I lost ten pounds or fit into a smaller size. I threw away my scale realizing that I was giving my power away to a random number!  I spent time naked in front of a full length mirror and began to notice the beautiful curves of my body.  I learned to truly love myself and practiced self-care to show my body and soul how much I appreciated them.  As a result, my body found its natural weight on its own; a number that I don’t have to “try” to maintain.

As my mind/body/soul connection grew through Intuitive Living, other areas of my life were positively impacted.  I was able to clarify what I wanted from life in terms of a partner, a dream job, financial abundance and more.  I learned how to ask for what I wanted from myself, others, and the Universe with confidence and trust.  Soon I was celebrating the co-manifestation of my dream life.  My journey has encompassed learning to Love My Body, Own My Power, and Live My Dreams.

I became a certified Health Coach because I felt called to share the health and life tools that I have learned with others.   I am constantly inspired by my clients and I learn so much from them with every session and workshop.  This career bridges my enthusiasm for growth and development with my deep belief in the inherent worth and potential of every Being.  We are all called to live the life of our dreams and I am blessed to support the process.

-Coach Cora

The Sexy Soul Wellness Commitment

Sexy Soul Wellness is committed to providing personal life coaching, health coaching and spiritual direction. With individual and group coaching sessions, we will find the ideal setting and space that will help you achieve your personal goals.

Training & Background

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Columbia University’s Teachers College, New York, NY

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, NY

Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; 2011

Bachelor of Arts, Whittier College, Whittier, California; 2003