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Did I really work at Hooters?!

March 26, 2012
by Coach Cora

In my 30 years, I have held many jobs.  Some of them more “interesting” than others.  Here are a few:

-The Taco Shop Girl  (ie. Taco Shop Cashier for 2 years in high school)  At parties, I would walk in and inevitably hear some drunk “Cool Guy “yell, “Hey, it’s The Taco Shop Girl.  Where’s your Turquoise Hat???”  Oh, and as fate would have it, Taco Shop’s tagline was You’ve never had it so good.  Now you can only imagine what the Cool Guy did with that line…

Lots of perks though, including unlimited amounts of nachos and incredible entertainment from hung over college kids on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Hung Over Guy: Is my burrito ready yet?

Me: No sorry sir, not yet.  You ordered it 2 minutes ago.”

Hung Over Guy: “It’s taking FOR-EV-ER!  And dude, your  buffet…it SUCKS.”

(um,  and by buffet, he meant Salsa Bar)

-Cocktail Waitress (For one year AFTER College.  The Dive Bar was owned by a man, Lou, who won the lottery and bought a bar.  No business sense whatsoever.  We didn’t even have schedules. I’m still not sure what time it opened and closed)

It was a classy joint, let me tell you.  Located in the middle of a Strip Mall in Orange County, CA.   A glorified Hooters.  Some of my highlights were working with a Swinger who often invited me home to “meet” her husband, and another co-worker who had no problem flashing her customers, meaning us lowly waitresses who preferred to stayed clothed lost out on some tables AND tips.

And one of my favorites…

-Front Desk at the Super 8 Hotel on I-70 in Hays, KS (Summer between my Freshman and Sophomore Year in College)

Friends, I was HORRIBLE, simple awful, at this job.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  It is the truth.  I set  the Fire Alarm off THREE times that summer, thus costing the hotel X amount of dollars with each occurrence.   I learned that my gifts do NOT lie in details and organization.  Or setting up Continental Breakfast Buffets.  Or in NOT setting off Fire Alarms.

However, there were some funny moments.

We  had a No Pets Policy.  I promise that 1 out of 2 men that walked in with their families would read the No Pets Policy, smile wittily at me, and then turn to his wife and say, “Honey, looks like you and the kids have to stay in the car.”

And I was forced to smile and laugh cheerfully like I had NEVER heard that joke before when in all reality the six guys before him had cracked the same joke that DAY.

And then there was The Truck Driver, Dave, who LOVED to flirt with me every Tuesday and Thursday night when he stayed over, however the first time was the best.

I wore a pin that said, “Cora TRAINEE”, on my shirt for the ENTIRE summer.  Why?  Because I never graduated past that level.  As you know, I was always setting off the Fire Alarm, oh and burning the free toast.

So Dave walks in, leans over the counter, VERY close to my face,  raises his eyebrows, and says, “Cora Trainee (pronouncing it Train-AY)…is that French?”

He was not joking.  Totally straight face.

True, this job, as with the two above it, brought many hilarious moments.  Yet it also provided some very deep and moving occurrences too.

One evening, a couple walked in the door.  They were in their eighties and traveling the US together by Motor Home.  They were vibrant and glowing.  Beautiful people on the inside and out. On a road trip to visit friends and family and see the parts of the country that they had always wanted to visit.

“I’m not retiring, I’m Re-Firing.” shared the gentleman.

I was working a double that night, which meant I left at 11pm and came back in at 6am.  (Yes, I was sleepy)

I was just setting up the desk, when the same man came down the stairs.   I looked up and said, “Wow, you are up early sir.”

He walked over to my desk, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “Cora, EVERY morning I wake up around this time, walk outside, and I watch the sunrise.  I am 85 years old, and I have missed WAY to many sunrises in my life. I am NOT going to miss another.”

And with that, I watched him walk out the door, climb slowly up the ladder to the top of the motor home, and witness the Beauty of the sunrise.

I looked around and saw that no one needed me.  I walked outside,  joined my new friend and Teacher, and with a huge smile, I said to him, “I am 18 years old, and I have missed WAY to many sunrises in my life.  But not this one.”

This was an extremely valuable  life lesson that I have taken with me.   When at all possible, I take the time to witness sunrises and sunsets, to pet an adorable dog,  play with a child, or tell someone I love them.   My intention is to stay in the moment and see the beauty in life everywhere I go.

I am still so grateful to that beautiful man and his wisdom.

Seize the Day.

Seize the Sunrise.

Your 85 year old Self will be glad that you did.:)


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Eek! Almost Naked…

March 20, 2012
by Coach Cora

I am a woman who DESPISES shopping for clothes.

Most of this relates to past body and weight issues.

And just when I thought I was almost COMPLETELY healed from this “disorder”, I was hired to do a Fitness Modeling shoot for 90 Second Fitness, my strength training gym.

AMAZING, right?  A total dream come true?


I was thrilled, honored, flattered, and full of gratitude.

And then I went shopping for my outfit.


For years and years of my young adult life, I hated shopping.  (I know Dad, you are wondering why I couldn’t have despised it as a teen also??? lol)

So why did I run away from any opportunity to shop for clothes?

Because it was PAINFUL for me to look in the mirror in the dressing rooms.  I thought I was huge, ugly, not good enough.  The minute I tried on clothes the voice of my inner critic went WILD!  (PS…this is called Body Dysmorphia)

So I stopped shopping.

I wore the same clothes for years, all of them a bit big and loose on me.  This is how I felt most comfortable.  However, through the years I have spent healing my relationship with my body, I have begun to embrace buying clothes a bit more.

Recently I worked with the Image Consult Extrordinaire Julia Argenti of Lemons and Loafers.  She helped me shop and helped heal much of my issues around clothing and shopping. (even wrote a blog about her!)

I thought I was doing so much better!

Then I went shopping for the shoot.  The owner of the gym advised me on what to purchase.  Here is an example:

Okay, okay, minus the funky leg/ankle/foot warmer socks.

To compare….THIS is how I feel comfortable dressing to work out at the gym:

Except, I don’t usually show so much skin…:)

Bottom line, this shopping trip was SPECIAL…and challenging, as it was inviting me to move into whole new level of Body Love and Acceptance.  The idea of wearing that type of an outfit used to be a NIGHTMARE for me.

I walked into Lululemon and I almost walked right out. The whole store scared me.  Everyone seemed so hip, fit, and together.  I could tell they knew I was an imposter, a SWEATPANTS kinda gal.

I grabbed a couple shorts and tops and courageously entered the dressing room. Once I got through the initial shock of the Two-Piece workout look, I tried to be gentle and loving with myself…

But I heard that voice:

“Those clothes look awful.  They don’t fit you. You need much larger sizes.  You can’t do the photo shoot. You aren’t ready.  Your body looks awful. Just go home.”

So I did.

I hurriedly ripped off the clothes, shoved them at the poor woman who had been helping me, and basically ran out of the store.

My husband sprinted after me…

Ben: What’s going on?  What happened in there?

Cora: I can’t do this. I have to tell Pete I can’t do the shoot. There is NO way.  I’m not ready.

Ben: Are you really still dealing with this body image stuff? C’mon, you COACH people about healing their relationship to their bodies.

Cora: I know.

Ben: Maybe it was the store. Maybe that style doesn’t fit you.  Toughen up!  Set an example for your clients already.

(Hmmmm….I hadn’t thought of that…walk the walk of Body Love and Acceptance.  I can do this.)

Ben: Come on. Let’s try Modell’s.

(YAY!!!  I was raised on discount clothes.  I feel more comfortable in that environment anyways!)

Cora: Let’s do it!

And we did…Modell’s was just the place for me.  I looked in the mirror and practiced positive affirmations.  My husband even came in the dressing room with me for added support.  (SO SWEET AND BRAVE!)

I found the ideal shorts and top for the shoot.   And I am even wearing the outfit right now as I type to try to get more and more comfortable with it.

I celebrate this victory on my own Body Image Journey.  It feels really good, like major progress.  (Check back in with me AFTER the photo shoot…another opportunity for growth!)

And I celebrate all of you…my clients, family, friends, readers….on YOUR Journeys to Body Love and Acceptance.  Your commitment to your Healing is absolutely inspirational.  I am in awe of all of you.

YOU are my heroes.



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Come on Baby Light MY Fire

March 19, 2012
by Coach Cora


I start almost every day by giving myself Card Readings with my Oracle Tarot, Angel, and Goddess Cards.

I recently pulled an Angel Therapy Card (the fabulous deck by Doreen Virtue) and it read:

RELEASE , “Work with Archangel Michael to let go of what no longer serves you and  your purpose.”   Oooooh….did I need to hear that!

The card then instructed me to write down on a piece of paper, “Archangel Micheal, What do I need to release to be fully on my path and purpose?”

Then the card encouraged me to write down ANYTHING that came forward even if it didn’t feel connected or logical.

My list of what I needed to let go of flowed with ease and grace and included everything from no TV right before bed to negative self talk to playing small.   Something else that came forward was choosing NOT to listen to my intuition and inner guidance.   Yep, time to let go of all of these patterns, behaviors, and compulsions that do not serve me!

When I felt complete, I took the list to the sink and lit a match.   The next step was to burn the list, symbolizing the release of all the blocks into the air…poof!

Holding the paper to the flame, I breathed deeply and watched the list disappear before my eyes.  I felt more light and free with every passing second.

When the Fire Ceremony was complete, I began to clean up the sink.   But I saw something that caught my eye.

There was a tiny piece of the list stuck in the drain that had not wanted to burn.  Through the entire conflagration, this stubborn and strong part of the list would not be conquered.

Instead of throwing it away, I heard a voice say, “Read it.”

Okay.  I picked up the paper and my heart opened.

There were two words left from my list.  Two words that would not burn.  Two words that Spirit knew I needed to carry WITH me on my life path of Sacred Service to this world.

The Two words?



Of course.  From the part of the list where I wrote that I was letting go of choosing NOT to listen to my intuition and inner guidance.  

Miracles, signs, messages are occurring all the time, every moment of every day, if only we are awake and aware enough to receive them.

Dear Universe/Spirit/God, I ask that I be fully awake and aware today and every day so I can be open to receiving the messages, gifts, signs, magic, and miracles that are everywhere in this beautiful world.  And may I also be open to each and every opportunity to be of Service to you through spreading Light and Love wherever I go.  Thank you!



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The Cause of My Eating Disorder

March 12, 2012
by Coach Cora

Was it because I played with Barbies?

Or my Disney Princess Role Models?

Maybe it was my ridiculous pursuit of perfection?

Or my very tall and  slender female relatives and role models?

Whatever it was…most likely part of my Curriculum as a Soul having a human experience, I was at war with my body for about 6 years of my young adult life.  I struggled with a Non-Diagnosable Eating Disorder that included:

Weight Obsession: Stepping on the scale multiple times daily.  I would have a decent day if the number was the same or lower and an AWFUL day if the number went up.

Exercise Addiction: Working out one or more times daily with NO flexibility.  I remember waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning on a busy day JUST to get a work out accomplished.

Trend Diet Fanatacism: I’ve tried them all, from Atkins to Macrobiotic to Vegan.  Just so you know, none of them “worked.”

Body Image Dysmorphia: Looking in the mirror and seeing a much larger version of my body than was reality.

Fortunately, I found the book How Much Does your Soul Weigh by Dr. Dorie McCubbrey (yes, I HIGHLY recommend it), and began a healing journey WITH my body that included adopting Intuitive Eating, Exercising, and Living (yes, I HIGHLY recommend that too).  My healing journey has taught me to take responsibility for my own choices and behaviors and stop pointing the finger at others. MOST of the time.:)

However, I must admit that I was overjoyed when walking around NYC a few nights ago to see THIS:

I am hopeful that the new trend in all stores will be to represent the female body more realistically.  Or at least have a bit more variety, such as the picture above.   I would love to see Hollywood follow suit with the acceptance of all types of female beauty in their Blockbuster Starlets.  And come on Barbie, we are WAITING.  I mean if Barbie was human, with those proportions, she would be physically unable to stand. Not to mention, who wants to walk around on our tippy toes all day!

If Young Cora, at 9 or 10, had seen women a bit more “normally”,  represented in the media, fashion, Hollywood, maybe I wouldn’t have gone through the years of self-loathing, rigidity, obsession, and injuries.

And maybe I would have still struggled with my body.

Who knows?

Either way, I am thrilled to see the more “average” body type represented above, and look forward to similar discoveries soon.

If not for us, for the Next Generation, for the daughters, granddaughter, nieces, friends.  Let’s do it for them.



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I See Dead People

March 9, 2012
by Coach Cora

I don’t see dead people.  At least not yet. :)

But I do hear voices.

Little messages coming to me.  Sometimes, it’s the voice of my Ego, sometimes, my wise Grandmother, Tutu, who passed away years ago.  Sometimes, the voice of my stomach growling in response to whatever I ate most recently (probably chocolate).

And sometimes, I hear a Voice that tells me exactly what I need to do.

The Voice is very strong, persuasive, and UNCONDITIONALLY Loving.  Once I hear the whisper, I cannot NOT respond.  Action is imminent.

In the fall of 2008, I heard a message that I was called to share with Joshua Rosenthal, Director of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I was studying Holistic Health Coaching.  He is an inspiration and one of my main mentors and heroes.

I waited in a long line to speak to him, growing more nervous by the minute and when I looked him in the eyes, I froze.

What if he laughs in my face?

What if he is offended?

What if he judges me?

I heard all these voices sharing their fears, and then that one Voice said, “Just do it, my dear.”

I took a deep breath, and proceeded.

“My intention is to some day be teaching and speaking on the stage for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.”

Phew. I did it.

He looked me, with a glint in his eye, and said, “I’m sure you will.”

I walked away giddy, yet confused about how to proceed.  At the time, I was a student at IIN, completely in awe of the teachers and speakers in the program, including Joshua.  Some of my other heroes and teachers in the program are David Wolfe, Geneen Roth, and Deepak Chopra, all Public Figures and experts in their fields.  I was a restaurant hostess and personal trainer from small town Kansas, with a part-time Health Coaching practice serving about 4 clients…TOPS.  What’s more, I was sure I was one of thousands of IIN students with a similar dream.

Yet, I heard that Voice.  And I knew it was important to claim it and share out loud.

How would I get on stage at IIN? Other than attending a conference, sprinting onto the stage, and stealing the microphone…I HAD NO IDEA!

“Let go of needing to know the “How”,” the Voice says.  “That is my Job.”

Okay, okay.  I surrender.  I say, “YES!”

Flash forward to 2012.

Last Saturday, I was a Guest Speaker and Teacher for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s Mega Conference in Long Beach California. I spoke about Intuitive Coaching, my coaching style, to the almost 4,000 attendees.  I shared the stage with David Wolfe, Geneen Roth, and of course, Joshua.

The experience was magical, humbling, spiritual, life transforming, clarifying, and deeply deeply fulfilling.

Yet, what stands out most to me, is the Power of planting a seed, of stating my intention to my Hero, all those years ago.  Letting go of the How, and trusting the process.

When our deepest desires unite with the Highest Good of All Concerned, magic happens.

We can co-manifest ALL of our dreams and desires with Source, with the Universe.  Anything is Possible. ANYTHING!

Claim your Dreams.

Let Go of the How.

Just Say Yes.

Be willing to take Action and step out, WAY OUT, of your Comfort Zone.

And live in Gratitude and Grace for every single Step of the Journey.

I hear voices.

And then I hear a Voice.

And when that Voice speaks, I listen, TRUST, and respond.

How about you?


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A Death in the Family

February 20, 2012
by Coach Cora


I tend to stand out on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

For one thing, I don’t own one of those fancy shmanzy “To Go” Coffee Mugs.

Instead, I am the “quirky” young woman walking down the street with the torn black sweatpants (hey, they are SUPER comfortable), the Old Navy book bag, aptly colored navy, that I inherited from my husband’s little sister (it was way cool in the early 2000’s), and my hands gripping a white glass coffee mug, Jimmy (yes, I named him), whom I have owned for centuries.

Eccentricities aside, this is one small way I honor Mother Earth. Oh wait, two. Not only am I wearing a plethora of hand me downs, but ALSO carrying Jimmy around town instead of tossing out paper cup after paper cup in the trash.  Hey, I do what I can.

I even bring my Jimmy yp the gym if I haven’t finished my green tea of morning cup of Joe. Yes, there are many questioning glances my way.  I just smile mysteriously as if I have figured out an amazing secret as to why my glass mug is much better suited for warm drinks than their snobby “to go” containers.

A couple days ago,  I walked into the coffee shop, handed Jimmy to the dashing gentleman behind the counter, paid for my coffee, turned around, and heard a gigantic CRAAAAAASSSSSHHHHHH behind me.

The sweet and obviously hung-over barista had dropped my precious Jimmy on the floor, shattering him into a million pieces.  I will admit, at first, I was a bit sad, disappointed, and slightly annoyed.  I mean, I had known Jimmy for a long time and now he was smashed to smithereens. I couldn’t even offer him a proper goodbye. It would be impossible even to identify his body at this point.  I felt like he was taken too soon, too young.

Then the owner of the coffee shop, who had been sitting inconspicuously across the room, leaped up and ran to my rescue.

“Oh honey. Wait, wait.  We are so sorry. No problem, though. No problem.”

He reached over and grabbed a fancy, much larger, BEAUTIFUL mug from the shelf and handed it to me.

“Here you go.  This for free from us as an apology.”

The new mug was no Jimmy.  That’s for sure.  She felt different in my hand.  A little less comfortable.

I took a deep breath and I looked closely at my new mug.

She was shiny and looked very strong.  She was painted with beautiful colors.  She was much larger.    Jimmy had been pretty small and plain white and not nearly this solid.

I smiled.

I would miss Jimmy, but somehow it seemed like “Delores” was just the type of mug for me.  She was an upgrade, even when I didn’t ask for one consciously.

I thanked the men at the shop and headed out to the NYC air, Delores in tow.

Walking home, I realized that I may have lost my little Jimmy, but the Universe sure knew what she was doing by bringing me Delores.

Like the quote, “When we let go of something limiting, we make room for something bigger.”

How many times in my life do I hold on for dear life to the proverbial “Jimmy”,  when what I really need is Delores, the true answers to my Prayers.

How often do we stay in jobs, relationships, old patterns that may not serve us at all, just because they feel comfortable and we are too scared to try something new.

Sometimes we need Source/God/Universe to take charge in the form of a lay off, a break up, or shattering glass awaken us.  To make room in our lives for something better, something more beautiful, an upgrade.

Sometimes, we have to let go of a Jimmy to allow the Universe to manifest a Delores.


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Am I Easy?!?

February 11, 2012
by Coach Cora


“So I heard some of the football guys talking and they said you’re easy.”

My heart fell into my stomach. I was completely mortified.

I was an 18 year old virgin from small-town Kansas, and attempting to make my way through an intimidating social hierarchy at my new college in Los Angeles.

Upon retrospect, this guy didn’t know what he was talking about and probably just felt I wasn’t interested in him.  Or was HOPING I was easy so he could get “some”.

Yet, none of this matters.

At that moment, I believed him.  I didn’t believe that I was easy.  But I did believe that others saw me that way.

And I did not want that.

Hence, this was my Ego’s black and white solution:

Wearing feminine clothes that fit and look attractive=EASY

Allowing my warm and sometimes flirty nature to come out in conversations with straight men=EASY

Walking with my shoulders held back and my head high=EASY

Womanly Curves=EASY


So I began wearing looser clothing with less shape, dark colors (Nun-esque).  I tried to hide my curious and confident Spirit behind a demure smile and quiet presence.  I attempted to “blend in”.  I started working out as much as possible to straighten out the curves.  Sexy was my enemy.  I was playing very small.

In other words, I stopped being ME.

I let one man’s random comment keep me from experiencing the fullness of who I am, my Wholeness.

This lasted through most of college and then a few years afterwards.

Then, a little over a year ago, I was speaking with a good friend about what I do for a living. I told her all about my Sexy Soul Wellness where I help my clients Love Their Bodies, Own Their Power, and Live Their Dreams.

She looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “So it sounds like you help your clients Own Their Power, but you can’t do that for yourself.”


The Truth Hurts.

And that is when I came Home to my Inner and Outer Sexy in a whole new way.

Not because I wanted to impress anyone, get attention, or win a social contest.  I wanted to “Bring Sexy Back” (Thanks Justin!) FOR ME!!!

My Sexy is part of my Power.  As a woman, this is my Divine Birthright.

I began holding my head higher when walking down the street and making eye contact with others passing by. Sometimes I would even smile when I felt so moved.  I started dressing in clothes that felt good, bright colors, and fabrics that hugged my curves.  I decided to take dance classes and yoga and get to know this beautiful body of mine.

I felt a fire growing inside my Core.  It had always been there, this Divine Spark.  Yet, now I could FEEL it.

Some might say I look easy.

Some might say I look snotty.

Some might say I look fake.

Some might say I look aloof.

But me and my Sexy, we FEEL fabulous!

And Whole, and in our Power.

And most importantly,  I feel like ME!


From the Archives (originally published as a Guest Blog on honor of my Interview with The Family Balancing Act about Claiming our Sexy.  Listen in on Tuesday the 14th at 3pmEST!  

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3 Tips on How to LOVE your Body Even More

January 31, 2012
by Coach Cora

from Guest Blogger, Amber Krzys

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a woman share how she was okay with almost all of her body, just not her ________.  Feel free to insert your most troublesome area.   The usual suspects are butt, thighs, belly & arms.

Boy, do I understand.  I was that woman.  I always felt like I had a pretty face and small upper body,  but my main problem area was my lower half.  I often fantasized about replacing it with a  thinner, better version.  Basically I wanted to cut out what I had and insert someone else’s – like real life photo shop.

But that didn’t exist, so I opted for the longer, often bumpy, yet highly rewarding path of self-acceptance.

Today, I’m sharing one of my many learnings with you.

You probably don’t think of it like this, but we tend to compartmentalize our bodies. It’s true. We think things like, “I like my smile and my eyes, but I hate the cellulite on my thighs and my poochy belly.”

Ultimately we ignore what we don’t like. I call this neglect.

Now wait a minute you say.  I do an extra set of abs three times a week or stairs on the beach just to target my belly and butt.  How can you say that is neglect?

I say it’s negect because the energy behind the exercise is coming from a place of force and not love.  It’s neglect because when you think of that area you have NOTHING good to say about it.

Let’s pause for a second and think in terms of a relationship with a significant other.  What does that relationship need to be successful?  The top four qualities in no particular order are Trust, Communication, Respect and Love.  We are going to focus on Love today.

So how do we demonstrate love in a relationship?  By paying attention.  By touching our partner and offering affection.  Maybe it’s a big smile greeting them at the door.  Or, a hug when they’ve had a hard day.

These are all ways we demonstrate our love.  But, what happens when our schedules get busier and we spend less and less time at home.  Over a prolonged period of time, exhaustion and distance start to creep in.  Many times resentment comes into play and the love starts to disappear.

Ultimately, neglect rears it’s ugly head and at this point in a relationship you either break-up, continue to be in neglect / denial, or you communicate and recommit to those top four qualities.

So, what does all of this have to do with your body?  I want you to consider cultivating a loving relationship with her.

Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Touch Your Body

Say what? Yes. Place your loving hands on the parts of your body you dislke the most and tell those parts you are sorry.

Did you know studies have indicated that withholding affection is a form of abuse? You wouldn’t  withhold a hug from your child. Why withold it from your body?

2. Compliment Your Body

Tell her out loud what you like about her.  For example, “Body, I love your strong legs and the way you carry me throughout my day.”  “Body, I so appreciate the gift of breath you offer me.”

This is a concept I explore more in bodyheart bootcamp, but for now just know it’s the easiest way to begin dialoguing with your body.  Identifying your body as a ‘she’ and having her own wants is a wonderful way to create space for neutrality, so that you may provide love and healing more fully.

3. Take the ‘I’m Willing’ Pledge

Let your voice be heard and become a part of our community that is based in acceptance + compassion.  The ‘I’m Willing’ Pledge asks that you commit to being kinder to your body this year and share one way you plan to do that. This is a powerful display of your intention. By sharing it publicly you are more likely to honor it.

See some powerful examples and even take the ‘I’m Willing’ Pledge yourself at    Once you click this link, go ahead and click the “I Commit Contest” link on the right!

These are just three ways to demonstrate love for your body. There are many many more. Feel free to share some of yours in the comments below.

Peace + Pleasure,

Amber Krzys is a coach, speaker, change-maker and dog lover! Her company, bodyheart, is devoted to liberating women from their body-punishment prison. The bodyheart programs, like bodyheart bootcamp, have helped hundreds of women deepen in accepting & loving their bodies. The bodyheart campaign is a movement for women (& men) demonstrating their enoughness. 



















I sat by Buddha on the plane

January 25, 2012
by Coach Cora


I sat by Buddha on the plane.

He was wise, gracious, warm, and centered.  He was on the path of self-realization and enlightenment.  I felt healed and uplifted from our conversation.

He was also a 27 year old Wind Turbine Technician from a town in Iowa with a population of 200 people.  He wore a black cap that read Chevrolet and a Nascar sweatshirt.  He was handsome in a down-home country way and was quick to smile and laugh which I found refreshing.

We shall call him Ronny.  He had been in jail at least 4 times in his short life and was only 14 when he was first arrested.

Ronny was two years sober and an active member of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and was a leader/role model for the Teen Group of this nature.

In the past, I may have sat down next to Ronny, glanced at his outfit and demeanor, and placed my nose in a book as fast as I could pull it out of my bag.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I may have judged him as….hmmm…a hick?  close-minded?  maybe not so bright?

I know, I know, but hey, I am NOT the only one who sometimes judges others on first impressions! (in the past, up until now)

The point is, something inside of me said, “Listen to him, Cora.  He has much to teach, and you my dear, have MUCH to learn.”

Okay, Okay Spirit. I hear you.

So we engaged in a conversation that lasted from the minute I sat down in my seat until we parted ways in the terminal in Oakland.

What did I learn from Ronny/Buddha?

-The importance of throwing in the “white chip”, surrendering to a Higher Power.  This is the moment in AA where we admit that we are powerless and need help with our addictions.  And we ALL have addictions (sex, drugs, alcohol, work, dieting, people pleasing, negative thinking, etc)   None of us are meant to let go of these alone!

-The power of Presence.  He shared that staying in the moment and focusing on “what is” with gratitude keeps him from experiencing anxiety about the past or future.  The very same anxiety that led him to drugs and alcohol in his past. This helps him stay centered, peaceful, and sober.

-What bring us life fulfillment is different for everyone.  Ronny was perfectly happy in his tiny Iowa town because he is close to family, likes his job, and has good friends there.  The idea of living in NYC, acting, and running a business sounded interesting to him, but not enticing at all!  We are all so different and I need to remember that we all know what is best for ourselves.  All the answers are within.

-That one can wreck A LOT of cars and receive many MANY DUI’s and still start over, forgive oneself, and say yes to Life.  Each day is a new beginning, a new chance to align with our Truth, Integrity, and Calling.  Ronny’s enthusiasm for life reminded me of a child’s natural way of being.  His two years of sobriety were the first two years of his New Life.  SO INSPIRING!

-That Wisdom comes in all forms.  Ronny/Buddha did not look like a Prophet, but hey I’m sure Jesus didn’t always come across as “holy looking” to the people of his day. Ronny is a Master Teacher, even without the monk robes.

My conversation with Ronny was my Sunday Church Service.  What he taught me will live in my heart, mind, and soul forever.

Angels, my friends, are EVERYWHERE.  Even in the mirror.;)

Ronny reminded me of this.

And okay, okay maybe he DID ask me for my phone number, knowing full well I was married.

But hey, even Buddha was human.

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The Middle Way

January 21, 2012
by Coach Cora

by the fabulous Guest Blogger, Mordechai 

To begin, I’m going to classify two schools of thought as the East and West. The East is more spiritual and connected to the oneness of our reality. While the West leans more towards the side of cold facts and endless fragmentation of individual pieces of information.

In my own young experience I have been tossed from side to side, over and over every time coming to the realization that this is the one true reality, whatever side of the coin it may be. I then went out with flaming passion towards whatever camp it was who’s so called banner I was waving. I was overjoyed to finally be at home with those who are on the same page as me.

The problem was at every stop on the journey my mention of experience with the other side was either met by ignorance of its existence entirely, or a negative attitude towards it! The sides were either consciously or unconsciously using each other for a background to themselves, who of course represent all meaning and truth.

What a frustrating reality of separate worlds, so close to each other, even living in complete peace at times, but yet the communication between them is nonexistent, or in more serious cases, tragic.

There is one alternative to these opposites, and that is the Middle Path, which is the integration of more than the “either or” of reality. Am I a body with a mind? Or do I have a soul? The answer is yes. Does my environment affect me? Is it my upbringing, or my genetics? How about my past lives and reincarnations? Yes!

We as human beings have been given this great tapestry, like gift of life which surely encompasses more than just one side of the story. I want to empower you to own your power through your whole self, with your whole story, not just the fragments that are labeled as you. There is so much much more than that, the true whole, including the process.

Many good wishes to all of you.


Mordechai  is a student of Kabbalistic and Chassidic, thought working in holistic health counseling to establish change in people while integrating the separate aspects of their reality into a dynamic unified whole.

Check out his site for contact details: