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Coaching Programs Designed For You

Sexy Soul Wellness is committed to providing personal life coaching, health coaching and spiritual direction. Our individual coaching sessions and group coaching sessions allow for our communication to be as personal or open as you feel comfortable. We will work together to find the ideal setting and space that will help you achieve your personal goals.

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Love your Body | Own your Power | Live your Dreams

Love your Body Program

Sexy Soul Wellness will work with your individual weight loss, weight maintenance and healthy lifestyle choices. You will start to see the following changes:

  • Start eating to live, not live to eat
  • Learn the power foods that can create the most energy for your body while keeping you fuller longer
  • Begin to move away from the “diet mentality”
  • Redefine your relationship with exercise while creating a fabulous connection to movement and activity
  • Find and achieve your bodies natural, ideal weight and learn to maintain it while enjoying your life
  • Reclaim your inner and outer self
  • Love your Body!

Own your Power Program

Through discussions about clarity, personal desire and life changes we will help you:

  • Reveal what you truly want and desire in your life
  • Learn to be more positively assertive while gaining the things you want
  • Move beyond the “people pleasing mentality”
  • Speak truth with excitement, knowledge and power
  • Own your Power!

Live your Dreams Program

Sexy Soul Wellness is deeply excited about helping each person achieve their dreams, passions and goals. Through coaching, you will be able to:

  • Enthusiastically take action steps towards your goals, passions and dreams
  • Live your life through your heart and soul
  • Allow yourself to be open to the power of receiving
  • Celebrate your wins with gratitude
  • Live your Dreams!
  • You will receive individualized coaching two times per month for 6 months
  • Unlimited e-mail contact
  • Thoughtfully selected literature, books and CD’s
  • Complimentary registration for classes, seasonal cleanses and other fantastic events

Sexy Soul Wellness Personal Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching

“Cora was like a guardian angel that helped guide me back to lightness and vitality. I highly recommend her program for girls who struggle with body image or are recovering from any eating issues at all!” –Nicole B., 27, New York City, NY

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Girlfriend Groups

Group Coaching is an excellent way to involve interested friends or family members in personal coaching sessions. The Girlfriend Groups use a similar format to the individual coaching but in groups consistently of 4-10 women. The results are similar, but with a less financial investment!

Contact Sexy Soul Wellness to sign up your Girlfriend Group or to be placed with an existing team of fabulous women.

“This turned out to be the best Christmas gift my friends and I EVER gave each other!  Not only did it give us the excuse to call each other once a month, but we were able to truly support each other. Cora was a great presence in our conversations and guided them beautifully. “-Molly R., 27, Boston, Massachusetts

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